Quick Start

1. Prepare the Physical Wallet Card

Open the package and take out the physical wallet card.

2. Download and Install Ballet Crypto

Ballet Crypto supports different operating systems. Click "Download" to see more details.

3. Add the Virtual Wallet Card

Click the “Scan” button on your app and then scan the QR code on the front of your physical wallet card.
A new virtual wallet card will then be added into the Ballet Crypto app on your device.

Important Warning

Once loaded with cryptocurrency, this wallet is a physical bearer asset. Please keep it safe like cash or gold.
Do NOT use this wallet if the QR sticker or the wallet passphrase scratch-off have been tampered with when you first receive it.
Do NOT reveal the encrypted private key or wallet passphrase to unauthorized parties.
Do NOT damage this wallet. Protect it from fire and corrosive chemicals. This wallet is NOT fireproof!