Physical Bitcoin
Ballet PURE Bitcoin represents the transformation of pure digital value into solid physical form. Based on the innovative design of the acclaimed Ballet REAL Series, PURE Bitcoin is an easy, safe, reliable method of offline cold storage that is suitable for Bitcoin Investors.
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Tech specs
Product Features
Marked Denomination
PURE Bitcoin physical bitcoins display a specific amount of BTC on the front side. Two denominations have been issued:
PURE Bitcoin, 1.0 BTC (0.999 fine silver)
PURE Bitcoin, 0.1 BTC (24K gold-plated stainless steel)
Note: PURE Bitcoin physical bitcoins sold empty; it is expected that the customer will deposit the amount that matches the denomination displayed on the wallet.
Perfect Gift for Bitcoin Investors
PURE Bitcoin is a perfect way to give bitcoin as a gift or preserve your wealth to pass on to future generations. They are elegant in appearance and constructed of high quality materials for excellent durability. Exquisite silver and gold-plated PURE Bitcoin will be treasured additions to any physical cryptocurrency enthusiast’s collection.
No Electronic Components
PURE Bitcoin physical bitcoins have no electronic components, which greatly reduces the risk of hacking and malware, and provides excellent durability for long-term storage.
Offline Cold Storage
PURE Bitcoin is a convenient, secure, reliable method of offline cold storage. Ballet’s non-electronic design keeps your bitcoin safe from hacking and malware.
User Control of Private Keys
PURE Bitcoin, like all Ballet products, gives users full and exclusive control of their cryptocurrency private keys. Whoever has physical possession of the PURE Bitcoin is the only one who has the ability to spend the coins stored on it, and can do so at any time without needing anyone’s permission.
Two-Factor Private Keys
PURE Bitcoin contains two-factor private keys generated through a secure process based on the BIP38 open-source standard. This is an established industry standard, non-proprietary to Ballet. PURE Bitcoin holders can have the full confidence that their bitcoin will be safe and accessible for decades to come.
Ballet Crypto App
Ballet Crypto is a mobile app that serves as the digital interface for your physical Ballet product. Its innovative user experience allows you to send, receive, and monitor the value of your cryptocurrency, all while your private key remains securely offline.